A Quotation–Type Is Magical

Type is magical. It not only communicates a word’s information, but it conveys a subliminal message in the letter shapes themselves. That civilizations created religious icons from letters and symbols is not without foundation. Good typography significantly increases the amount of attention a message receives. The right typeface is the basis of strong communication.

Type alone cannot sustain a brand name or a corporate identity, but a brand with the wrong typeface will flounder helplessly trying to define itself. Type, layout, and color make up the equallateral triangle of brand identity. Like everything else in life, to be successful with type you have to first choose the right one, and then use it well.

There is no foolproof recipe for selecting the right type for each and every purpose. Choosing the right type requires experience, intuition, and creativity. Which type best suits the headline, subhead, and copy of an ad, which for packaging design, which for technical products, and which for food–in-depth research is necessary before an informed decision can be made. – a quotation from Stefan Rógener

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